The Politics of Sustainable Development Symposium Cracoviense

In the dynamic world of events, where creativity meets the need to care for the planet, we are implementing the Politics of Sustainable Development, the motto of which is  "Exploring New Horizons in Sustainable Events." We believe that the organization of events can and should play a key role in building a better future, both for our industry and for the environment.

Our sustainability policy focuses on three main pillars: economics, society and the environment. We strive to achieve harmony between these areas so that our events are not only successful in terms of business, but also socially and environmentally sustainable.

Exploring new horizons in sustainable events is not only an idea for us, but also a mission. We strive to introduce innovative solutions that minimize our environmental footprint, while inspiring others to take similar action. We want to promote environmental awareness in our industry and engage both participants and business partners in creating events with a positive environmental impact.

At the same time, we do not forget about social values in our sustainability policy. We strive to create inclusive events that embrace diversity and equality. We respect human rights and engage with local communities by supporting charitable projects and community initiatives. Our goal is to create events that not only provide entertainment, but also contribute to positive social transformation.

We believe that exploring new horizons in sustainable events is not only a challenge, but also a huge opportunity. Our ESG strategy enables us to build lasting relationships with our stakeholders, creating value not only for our company, but also for our community and the environment. Together, we can walk the path of innovation, inspire others and contribute to a better and more sustainable world of events.




Monitoring and reporting

This document represents our company's commitment to responsible management of our environmental, community and governance activities. We will continue to develop our practices and activities to contribute to sustainable development and positively impact our environment.

Krakow, June 1, 2023.